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Cannabis Oil Therapy class for 28 conditions A-Z

Did you know that cannabis was used for around 100 medical conditions for almost 100 years in the US before it was made illegal due to the hysteria campaign over “marijuana” in the 1930’s? That it is the world’s oldest … Continue reading

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Detox and Diet Your Way to Health In The New Year!

With the start of the New Year and after all the holiday partying is done, most people turn to making a fresh start and making resolutions.  You resolve to lose weight and become more fit in time to hit the … Continue reading

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SURPRISE! Sports and Energy Drinks are NOT Healthy!

(NaturalNews) Manufacturers of sports drinks appear to have successfully deceived children and their parents into believing that their products are healthy, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center and published in the … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers Worships at the Temple of the Golden Arche$

The Happy Holistic:  Weight Watchers has recently announced a partnership with McDonald’s, that will feature the junk foods of the long-enduring symbol of American obesity as being a healthy alternative for those Down Under in Australia and New Zealand.  Who says … Continue reading

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Junk Food As Addictive As Drugs

(London Telegraph 10-28-09) A diet of burgers, chips, sausages and cake will programme your brain into craving even more foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, according to new research. Over the years these junk foods can become … Continue reading

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Halloween 2009: Attack of the GMO Mutant FrankenFood Sugar

(Byron Richards, Wellness Resources 10-26-09) Half the refined sugar in the U.S. is from beets – and insiders say the industry has quickly converted to the GMO Frankenfood beets, estimating up to 95% of farmers are now using them.  Beet … Continue reading

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