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Vitamin D – The Most Safe And Effective Flu Shot Ever!

With Halloween and Thanksgiving comes the beginning of what’s been called “Sugar Season”, an onslaught of sugar-filled holidays running through Easter.  Not coincidentally, this timeframe runs parallel to Cold and Flu Season – and with good reason as sugar, in all its many … Continue reading

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The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D

(NaturalNews 7-06-10) We’ve all been told that sunlight causes skin cancer. This message has been drilled into our heads for so long that most people actually believe it. But what if this “truth” was actually a medical myth? What if … Continue reading

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Sixty Million Years of Evolution says Vitamin D May Save Your Life From Swine Flu

(NaturalNews) People still don’t get it: Vitamin D is the “miracle nutrient” that activates your immune system to defend you against invading microorganisms — including seasonal flu and swine flu. Two months ago, an important study was published by researchers … Continue reading