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The Happy Holistic to Speak and Present Cannabis Oil Therapy Workshop at The Natural Health Solutions Expo at the LAX Marriott, in Los Angeles, CA on December 15th-16th 2018.

November 19th, 2018 (Los Angeles) The Happy Holistic will speak and present a workshop on “Cannabis Oil Therapy for Cancer and 28 Other Conditions” at the Natural Health Solutions Expo to be held at the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los … Continue reading

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Cannabis: The Force of Health Awakens!

In the latest episode of the Star Wars saga (“The Force Awakens”), the power of the “Light Side” of The Force is re-energized and restored through the efforts and ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Jedi Knights.  The Force is … Continue reading

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Vitamin D – The Most Safe And Effective Flu Shot Ever!

With Halloween and Thanksgiving comes the beginning of what’s been called “Sugar Season”, an onslaught of sugar-filled holidays running through Easter.  Not coincidentally, this timeframe runs parallel to Cold and Flu Season – and with good reason as sugar, in all its many … Continue reading

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Can you really eat your way to happiness? The mood food connection

(NaturalNews) Yes, you really can eat your way to happiness, but perhaps not in the way you might first imagine. By “happiness,” I mean lasting happiness, not the fleeting kind of sensory happiness that might be experienced from sucking the … Continue reading

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Halloween 2009: Attack of the GMO Mutant FrankenFood Sugar

(Byron Richards, Wellness Resources 10-26-09) Half the refined sugar in the U.S. is from beets – and insiders say the industry has quickly converted to the GMO Frankenfood beets, estimating up to 95% of farmers are now using them.  Beet … Continue reading

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Astragalus Can Help Prevent the Flu AND Help You To Live A Long Active Life!

(Natural News) Certain astragalus molecules have been found to contribute to telomere growth, effectively reversing the aging process…research suggests that large doses of these molecules have the potential to not only prevent telomere depletion but to actually rebuild the telomere … Continue reading

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FDA and FTC Threaten Dr. Andrew Weil for Statements About Cold and Flu Prevention

(NaturalNews)   In working to protect the business interests of vaccine manufactures, both the FDA and FTC have declared all-out war against any products that might offer consumers options other than vaccines. This week, that war against natural remedies reached the … Continue reading

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