Cannabis Oil Therapy class for 28 conditions A-Z

Did you know that cannabis was used for around 100 medical conditions for almost 100 years in the US before it was made illegal due to the hysteria campaign over “marijuana” in the 1930’s? That it is the world’s oldest medicine going back 6,000 years? I’m happy to announce the completion of my latest Cannabis Oil Therapy class which covers 28 conditions (Conditions A-Z).  I will be presenting several pre-clinical PubMed studies for each condition with real-life observational case histories/testimonials for most.  I will also be demonstrating the specific ways in which cannabis helps with each condition.  Cannabis not only helps with symptoms in all cases, numerous studies and case histories demonstrate it can not only slow progression in many of these diseases – in some cases it can actually reverse damage.

Here are a list of conditions covered in the class:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Alzheimer’s
  3. ALS
  4. Muscular Dystrophy
  5. MS
  6. Parkinson’s
  7. Huntington’s
  8. Epilepsy/Seizures
  10. Autism
  11. PTSD
  12. TBI/CTE – head trauma/brain damage
  13. Cognitive function/memory
  14. Gastrointestinal –IBD (Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis)
  15. Auto-Immune (Lupus, etc.) Leaky Gut
  16. COPD/Lung Disease
  17. Asthma
  18. Heart Disease
  19. Stroke
  20. Diabetes
  21. Osteoporosis
  22. Glaucoma
  23. Migraine
  24. Fibromyalgia
  25. Sleep Disorders
  26. Arthritis
  27. Pain
  28. Weight loss and gut microbiota (yes it has a positive effect on the probiotics in your gut – which helps to regulate weight (body fat) and boosts metabolism!)

If you don’t see your condition on the list – just wait – there are more coming! When used correctly, there is simply no other medicine that can safely and effectively resolve all of these conditions.

“Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy on Earth. No other single plant contains as wide a range of medically active herbal constituents.” – Dr. Ethan Russo

This is a day long course for practitioners and will include a coursebook of all documentation and information for protocols, etc.  Learn how to use it and explain it to clients, patients, and family members.

There is no rational basis for its listing as a Schedule I Controlled Substance by the DEA, as the definition of having “no accepted medical use and high potential for abuse and lack of accepted safety under medical supervision” does not apply.  The key word above is “accepted” – the medical industry monopoly will not accept it because it threatens the use of pharmaceuticals that only weakly address symptoms while causing underlying damage.  It also threatens the very business model of the medical profession (“sickcare”) as practiced in the US today.

Cannabis has been used medically for 6,000 years and used for many of these same conditions.  There is no known direct death attributed to cannabis during that time.  It is impossible to overdose on cannabis except in a laboratory setting.  It is about as addictive as caffeine or nicotine – not addictive in the physiologic sense such as drugs such as heroin, etc.

This class will be presented as a stand-alone class and also in conjunction with my previous class, Cannabis Oil Therapy for Neoplasm.

For more information on class details and schedule and how to register, please contact me at

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