What You Should Know About GMOs (Top Ten Reasons To Vote YES on Proposition 37 – Right To Know) (Part Two of a two-part article)

My Top Ten Reasons To Vote YES on Proposition 37:

1. There will be NO real costs to consumers.

Proposition 37 does not ban any foods.  It only states that foods that contain GMO food crops must be labeled on packaging.  This could amount to a statement as simple as “MAY CONTAIN GMOs”.

Despite the lies of the NO on 37 Campaign Ads, an independent economic study conducted by Joanna M. Shepherd-Bailey, Ph.D. of the Emory University of Law has found that any increased costs due to labeling of products by manufacturers, lawsuits, or administrative costs by the State of California would likely range from a total one-time cost of between 5 to 10 cents per person.  The State of California has also estimated its costs of enforcement at from between 1 to 3 cents per person.   When Europe first proposed labeling of GMO foods in the 1990’s, the same vested interests warned of double-digit percent price increases.  IT NEVER HAPPENED!

The cost of changing labels by manufacturers is infinitesimal – and they change labels all the time! “New and Improved” “Fat-Free” – Sound familiar?

The cost of doing NOTHING to label GMO Foods is much higher than the cost not to.  Major costs to our health and the environment through higher medical costs, increased pollution, and general suffering all around.

2.  Over 50 countries around the world require labeling of GMO Foods.

All the countries of Europe, China, Japan, and India require labeling of GMOs in foods.  Some countries have even banned or restricted GMO foods.  But somehow, the U.S. FDA has never required labeling – I wonder why? Don’t we deserve better?


3.  Most Americans Want GMO Foods to be labeled.

Polls show that an estimated 90% of Americans want foods containing GMO foods to be labeled.  It’s hard to believe that 90% of Americans can agree on anything, so this in and of itself is amazing – and encouraging.

4.  GMO Foods have NEVER been found to be safe for long-term human consumption and may be directly related to several diseases – including CANCER.

FDA studies approving the use of GMO crops in foods lasted only 90 days.  That is not long enough to measure the lifetime effects of eating any food or drug substance, let alone  genetically modified foods containing genes that give off pesticides!  I wonder how many drugs have been approved by the FDA with only 90 days of testing on subjects? Try zero.  It takes YEARS!  Numerous studies have implicated GMO foods as directly related to increases in allergic responses, which signal systemic breakdown of immune systems – which are our first line of defenses against hundreds of diseases and pathogens every day.  Recent studies have linked use of GMO foods to cancer in lab animals.

5.  GMO Foods are the direct cause of an increase of pesticide use by an estimated 15 times causing massive pollution to groundwater supplies, the ecosystem and the environment.

The use of Glycophospates (including Roundup, which is manufactured by Monsanto) have increased by a factor of 15 times over the last few decades.  Because the GMO crops are designed to withstand the direct use of these pesticides, increased amounts have been able to be used by farmers.  An estimated 185 MILLION POUNDS of these toxins are now used annually.  All that poison has to end up somewhere and that usually means into the groundwater supply that eventually gets used by all of us.  This also leads to “Superweeds” that become immune to their use so that even more toxic poisons, such as 2, 4-D have to be used.  This is very harmful to all of us and the environment – and the costs are immeasurable.  Guess who pays for all that – Monsanto or Dupont? Ahh, no.

6.  Food manufacturers will not be able to label anything as “NATURAL” if it contains GMO Foods.  

Many people trust labels and honestly believe that food companies must have truth in labeling.  Unfortunately, there are loopholes and this is one of them.  There is nothing remotely natural about GMOs and its time for people to become aware of this.  People may still not read labels and may still eat GMO foods – but at least some of them will now know that what they are eating is NOT NATURAL, and that may help to change eating habits – or at least make people start to THINK and become aware.

7.  A “YES” vote on Proposition 37 will mean that labeling campaigns will spread to other states and eventually even the FDA.

California leads the nation in setting political trends.  Once this measure passes here, other states will have measures in the next few years to require labeling, and as these states see that labeling did not cause costs to skyrocket in California like the fearmongers warned, these states will pass laws.  Eventually, the FDA will have to address these concerns through labeling – and they may even be forced to start requiring real, honest LONG-TERM tests of these GMO foods instead of allowing the general population of the U.S. to be used like guinea pigs.  All Americans have a right to know (and should know) what they are eating.

8.  The two primary opponents of Proposition 37 are Monsanto and Dupont.

Monsanto and Dupont are both essentially chemical and pesticide companies with huge and unlimited amounts of financial and political capital to lobby anything they want and rewrite food, safety, and environmental laws and their enforcement.  Monsanto has spent an estimated $8 MILLION dollars and Dupont has spent around $5 MILLION dollars to defeat Proposition 37 through massive television ads meant to confuse people from the natural inclination to Vote Yes (as 90% truly want according to polls).  If the GMO food products are so good for us, why are they afraid to label their use in FOOD FOR PEOPLE?  Why the secrecy? What do they have to lose from people knowing they are eating a genetically modified organism?

9.  The NO on 37 Campaign is based on lies, fear, and ignorance.

The No on 37 Campaign has spent over $40 Million dollars to defeat Proposition 37 and continues to spend about $1 million dollars per day.  They have outspent the YES campaign by at least 7 to 1.  They are scaring people by telling them that their food costs are going to go up in a bad economy.  They are saying that loopholes exist in the law so it’s confusing (by not labeling restaurant food – which is true.  California law states that ballot initiative can only address one section of law at a time – and restaurants are regulated under a separate administration than grocery foods).  They are lying and saying that litigation costs will spiral out of control causing food to be banned, taken off shelves and these costs to be passed on to the consumer.  They have also LIED recently about statements that the FDA has made even using the FDA’s shield, which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE and is now being investigated by the FBI!  They hired a bogus PR firm to concoct an economic study that claimed food prices would go out of control.  These are propaganda techniques which have been used around the world since time began and perfected in the 20th Century.  They have the ability to lie and confuse the issue with enough money to advertise these lies on TV and radio knowing full well that the YES campaign doesn’t have enough funds to respond fully to each and every lie.  This is disgusting and wrong.

10.  Skyrocketing medical costs are bankrupting the U.S. and we need to become healthier and more aware of what is in our foods.

High medical costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. – both for those with AND WITHOUT health insurance!  They are also THE major cause of the annual deficit and increasingly unpayable debt of the U.S. Government, which threatens the entire future of the country.  Americans can  no longer keep eating $.99 cent hamburgers with ketchup sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup, chew gum with Aspartame, drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi that leaches calcium from their bones, and eat processed foods with MSG and sugar by the hundreds of pounds each year – without facing the consequences.  All of these things which ARE approved by the FDA for human consumption CAUSE fatal diseases like CANCER, DIABETES, HEART ATTACKS, ALZHEIMER’S, ETC., ETC., ETC – ad nauseum.  And even worse, we are ALL paying for these massively inflated medical costs through taxes, insurance, and higher and higher medical costs and the tragic losses to families.  This is a systemic organized scam and has to end!

And now we are told that We The People simply CANNOT AFFORD to be told, through the use of THREE WORDS (MAY CONTAIN GMOs) that what we are eating may have been created in a laboratory with UNKNOWN EFFECTS.  The nerve and unmitigated greed of the people pushing these GMOs is absolutely breathtaking in its enormity.  There truly is a force called Evil in this World – and its resides somewhere between apathy and indifference towards not only the World around us but to ourselves – and to the best that we all can be.  We are all in this together and we must all fix this together.

We need a whole new education about food in this country and where it comes from.  We need to know about EVERYTHING in the food.  We need to know how Factory Farms are abusing animals and pumping them full of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.  We need a government that puts the safety of its people FIRST over the profits of the corporations based here that have NO ALLEGIANCE to Americans! We need to know what is being done to the land, the water, and the air and how it all causes death and disease.  We all need to be better educated – not less.  As the health of our people goes – mental, emotional, and physical – so goes the health of the nation.

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