New Year New Brain! (Do You Suffer From…ummm….CRS?)

The New Year has brought some exciting new discoveries in natural health….especially in the field of brain health and help for those predisposed to or suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and loss of memory or cognitive function as they age.  Specifically, recently announced studies have shown that Coconut Oil, Green Tea, and Sleep all have significant abilities to aid and protect against (and even possibly reverse) these degenerative diseases, brain aging, and CRS (“Can’t Remember Stuff” or “$h*!”).  Magnesium may also be very helpful (it is definitely needed to complement your calcium intake!).  Of course, exercising your mind daily makes a great difference too…as well as not overeating!  Like anything else health-related, eliminating the toxins like AspartameHFCS, and Gluten – while replacing these with nutrients (good Omega-3’s) and essential minerals -usually fixes the problem and makes you better in no time!

There are also some great supplement formulations out there which can not only help you think more clearly – they can also help you calm your nervous system, ease depression, anxiety, and panic attacks,  and help you deal with stress, all of which are critical to hormonal balance, good mood, quality of life, success, and happiness.  Excess stress will cause premature aging, most diseases, greying of your hair, wrinkles, poor social skills, bad decisions, and worst of all – severe unhappiness.

Not to mention that you need to be able to think clearly and logically in order to change your life for the better, develop better habits, and attract higher quality people and experiences in your life.  Dr. Daniel Amen has written several books, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Body in which he argues convincingly that in order to be able to start and keep an effective diet and exercise program to lose weight and look better, you first have to feed your brain the nutrition it needs in order for you to be able to change your thinking – and actually change your lifestyle in order to improve your life!  As Albert Einstein so sagely put it, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”.  This goes for anything you are trying to accomplish in your life – and all the problems in the world today.

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