Weight Watchers Worships at the Temple of the Golden Arche$

The Happy Holistic:  Weight Watchers has recently announced a partnership with McDonald’s, that will feature the junk foods of the long-enduring symbol of American obesity as being a healthy alternative for those Down Under in Australia and New Zealand.  Who says America doesn’t export anything anymore?

“…As part of the deal, McDonald’s will use the Weight Watchers logo on its menu boards and Weight Watchers will promote McDonald’s food to dieters. So far, the Fillet-O-Fish, with 18g of fat and 380 calories; Chicken McNuggets, with 29g of fat and 485 calories; and Sweet Chilli Seared Chicken Wrap, with 18.8g of fat and 404 calories, have been approved by Weight Watchers.”

But that’s just for starters…

Yes, these are the supposedly “healthy” and “happy” meals that have been launched in response to the bad PR of documentaries such as “Super Size Me“.  Yet, the “chicken” being offered still comes from nightmarish factory farms, where it is just a product to be stacked on top of other product and fattened in every way imaginable, with no concern for the health or nutritional makeup of the birds – let alone concern for their dignity or pain of existence.  How could it matter if a bird, or food product, is fed nutritional food and cared for – or just stuffed in a box and fed chemicals?  After all, “Parts is parts”, right???  

Sadly, there are no “happy” meals for the chicken or the cow that are raised for these gruesome purposes.  It is now well known that the constant, never-ending fear endured by these factory-farm creatures is directly expressed through their bodies by hormones and this same negative energy is transferred into the “food” they become – and you eat.  The entire process of the factory farm is not geared to quality of the product produced – it is totally designed to maximize quantity – and therefore profit.  When you eat these foods, you are essentially absorbing in the fear and the horror of the entire torturous life of these poor beings, that have never known happiness – only pain.  And even if you don’t personally believe in Karma, that’s still toxic.  If you really want to know more about the hell they go through – and how it relates to your fast-food meal, go read “Diet For a New America” by John Robbins – or go see the Oscar-nominated documentary Food, Inc

The “nuggets” of various assorted parts to be eaten are then usually dipped in various goos or “sauces” full of sugars and chemicals that will make you even more hungry.  Even the salads are composed of mostly iceberg lettuce and doused with more sugary dressings full of special wonderful additives, which can vary like guest stars on a game show, from canola oil to MSG-by-another-name (hydrolyzed yeast extract being one) to good ol’ high fructose corn syrup.  And what visit wouldn’t be complete without acrylamide-laced fried potatoes and bone-dissolving sugar soda pop drinks with phosphoric acid.   The All-American meal of a long, slow, painful, expensive (and expansive) decline by diet.

Of course, the original idea behind Weight Watchers, for its day, was ahead of the curve.  An easy method for diet-conscious people on the go to maintain a balance of healthy types of food and limit calories and thus weight gain.  Reducing complex food decisions to a simple counting system may have been valuable 20 years ago, when foods were far less processed and full of chemicals than they are today.  But the knowledge we now know of nutrition makes calorie counting itself obsolete.

You are only as healthy as the nutrients you eat per calorie.  In other words, as proposed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Health equals Nutrients over Calories, or the formula H=N/C.  The higher the nutrient count per calorie of food you eat, the healthier you will be.  And you will naturally drop to your optimal weight.   

But what about those calories – doesn’t the number matter?  Not really.  Your metabolism will adjust if you eat healthy, high nutritional foods or superfoods.  And your appetite will adjust to match your more stabilized hormones.  And, after you adjust, you still start to feel better, look better, move better – and yes, be happier. 

No word yet on whether this endorsement by WW of the premier distributor of fats, salt, sugar sauces, and other high-risk ingredients will spread to the other far-flung regions of its global empire, or where it all began in the US.  Of course, after the colossal irony and tragedy of seeing the Golden Arches serving patrons in US hospitals, just a few floors down from the heart-attack victims and cancer patients, nothing much surprises me anymore.

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