Halloween 2009: Attack of the GMO Mutant FrankenFood Sugar

(Byron Richards, Wellness Resources 10-26-09) Half the refined sugar in the U.S. is from beets – and insiders say the industry has quickly converted to the GMO Frankenfood beets, estimating up to 95% of farmers are now using them.  Beet sugar is often mixed with cane sugar, meaning that unless a product lists the ingredient as cane sugar or organic cane sugar then it now likely contains GMO mutant beet-derived sugar….

…Avoid GMO food like the plague.  Don’t buy any product made with GMO food or any product made by a company that uses any GMO food.  Demand that GMO food be labeled so that consumers have a clear choice.  And look out for sugar, the latest food to undergo Frankenfood mutation.


The Happy Holistic:  Halloween is a blast.  But its also the start of Sugar Season, and that means sugar, sickness, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and lots and lots of calories and weight gain.  Make sure you don’t go overboard on the sweet stuff.  If you do, you may need to do some detoxing to clean up your blood and enhance your immunity.

One happy and healthy alternative to sugar is Stevia, the herb that South Americans have been using for thousands of years as a sweetener – with zero calories!  Some people find the powder to be slightly bitter at first but many have no problem with the liquid form to sweeten drinks.  Stevia can also be used to replace sugar in baking and many recipes exist.  Stevia also has health benefits, its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and it actually helps to regulate blood sugar – something regular sugar will never do!  Another safe sugar alternative is xylitol.   Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame “Nutrasweet”, Splenda, etc.) are even worse than sugar. If you must use sugar, try to find organic cane sugar.

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