FDA and FTC Threaten Dr. Andrew Weil for Statements About Cold and Flu Prevention

(NaturalNews)   In working to protect the business interests of vaccine manufactures, both the FDA and FTC have declared all-out war against any products that might offer consumers options other than vaccines. This week, that war against natural remedies reached the shores of Dr. Andrew Weil, who is perhaps the best-known alternative medicine doctor in America. In an intimidating, threatening letter jointly issued by the FTC and the FDA, these rogue government agencies threatened Dr. Weil with criminal prosecution for making true statements about his immune-boosting formula such as, “Astragalus … is … used traditionally to ward off colds and flu, and has demonstrated both antiviral and immune-boosting effects in scientific investigation.”

This statement, although scientifically valid and true, is a threat to the profits of the vaccine industry, and so Dr. Weil’s company is being targeted by the FTC / FDA vaccine racket tag-team for termination.


You can review the FTC threats against Dr. Weil on the FTC’s own website: http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/ucm186837.htm

Dr. Weil was right: Astragalus herb really helps fight the flu:  http://www.naturalnews.com/027302_astragalus_the_flu.html

The Happy Holistic:  This is an interesting case where the agencies are going after the most prominent alternative medicine practioner at a time when the government is in the midst of a vast, expensive campaign to promote taking the Swine Flu Vaccine.  Taxpayers have already paid an estimated $6.4 Billion for these vaccines, which were rushed past normal testing procedures and likely not effective.  The government is spending even more (and pumping the media) to encourage people to take the shot.  Health workers in New York have just won an injunction to stop from having to take mandatory shots.  Now, a widely-respected doctor and author is suggesting an inexpensive and harmless alternative, Astralagus, an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine herb,  to these toxic, ineffective vaccines and the government is trying to silence him and others.  If nothing else, this proves without a doubt that the government is being directly manipulated by the medical-pharmacological complex.

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